Diplomado Internacional - Intercultura
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Diplomado Internacional


By participating in the Business Essentials Program, you will gain not only a chance to study and work in Vancouver, one of Canada’s most dynamic cities, but you will also learn strategic business management skills, and strengthen your business English level academically and professionally. This course is designed to increase your familiarity with marketing, presentations, public speaking skills, business communication, resumes and job interviews in North America.

Having a higher-level qualification from a recognized Canadian college, along with a Canadian work experience, will allow you to become more confident, thrive in your future career, and succeed in the workplace.



The program is divided equally into two components: for the first 50% of the program you will study at a recognized Canadian college, and in the next 50% of the program you will gain work experience in Canada. Programs are 6 or 12 months in length and taught by industry professionals and highly-qualified instructors.
Students will learn effective communication skills, how to manage conflict and deal with customers, how to work in a team, and how to build product and service knowledge in order to provide relevant information to customers. This program is open to citizens of all countries and start dates are staggered throughout the year. In addition, you may also work part time while studying for the entire duration of your program. This will enable you to earn money to support your stay in Canada.

Requisitos para aplicar:

  • Edad entre 18 a 35 años
  • Conocimientos básicos del idioma Inglés

Requerimientos para visa:

Aplica hoy mismo a esta oportunidad de desarrollo lingüístico y profesional. Para más información llene nuestro formulario de contacto.